Please be sure to print these off to have on hand to avoid confusion.



Each team hosting should include these in their time box!


Bantam and Midget will be separated into rounds. The first round will be single elimination; 1 game and if you lose you are out. If tied at the end of game there will be a 2 minute break followed by a 5 minute sudden death period.


The second round will be 2 games with a Mini Game possible (as a tie breaker, should each team earn a win.) 

Example: If Team A wins game 1 and Team B wins game 2 then immediately following game 2 both teams will be given a 2 minute break. The time clock is reset to 0-0 and a 5 minute stop-time mini game is held. Goalies will not switch ends. THIS IS NOT SUDDEN DEATH.  The 5 Minute Mini Game is treated as a separate game. 

If the mini game is tied at the end of the 5 minutes, then a 15 min sudden death period will be held.  Teams will be given a 5 minute break and goalies will switch ends.  This will repeat until we have a winner.

Each team is allowed one time out per game. Note mini game is a separate game so one time out per team will be allotted for mini game


-All Bantam and Midget games, including Mini Game and Overtime periods are Stop Time (meaning the clock stops for each goal, penalty or time out.)


The third round will be a full 3 game setup.



Tell your Team Manager to turn
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